Italian Irregular Verbs

(ISBN 3-936361-31-2)

60 irregular Italian verbs! This monolingual Verbwheel shows all six “persons” for five verb tenses: Presente, Passato Remoto, Passato Prossimo, Futuro and Condizionale.

Irregular conjugations are indicated by a bold font.

Falsi Amici – Falsche Freunde
Italiano-Tedesco – Italienisch-Deutsch

(ISBN 3-936361-32-0)

This CD-sized Wheel shows 64 pairs of Italian-German “False Friends” – words which look the same but have very different meanings. Each of the words is also translated to show its real meaning, so in total there are 128 often confused words with their proper translations, 256 words all together!

[Click here] or on the image to the left to see a short animated demonstration.